• Loie Favre

How to make your CBD company stand out

Are you curious about how to get CBD customers to choose your CBD products over a competitor? Then you have come to the right place. The CBD industry is big business right now, and in the following article, we’ll be taking a closer look at how you can make your CBD business stand out and get more CBD customers.

Worldwide, millions of people are choosing to incorporate CBD into their daily health and wellness routines. This has led to hundreds of new CBD products and companies entering the cannabinoid market. While there is lots of money to be made, CBD is getting more competitive every day, and you need to be doing everything possible to get new CBD customers.

How can a CBD company stand out from the competition on the cannabis market?

At its core, CBD businesses' problems are the same as any other business. How to get CBD customers? How do you get more people to visit your website and purchase your CBD products? Rather than the competition.

1. Build a Professional Website

The first thing you need to get more CBD customers and convert leads to sales is a professional website. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and naturally lead visitors towards your CBD products. Overly complicated websites that are hard to navigate will have large drop-off rates. If you have noticed that clients visit the homepage but never make it further, then you need to look at the design of your website. Use high quality cannabis content that shows your knowledgeable about the topic and that's also highly engaging.

2. Set transparent prices

Being upfront about the price of any CBD product is essential. Customers like to know what they’re getting for their money. So clearly display the price of products and how much CBD they are getting for their money. Also, consider your competitors. If you’re charging a lot more than your competition, you need to be able to justify why.

3. Instate honest return policies

Having honest and transparent return and refund policies is essential to reassure customers. Most customers may never even return a CBD product, but knowing you have a return and refund policy is reassuring and allows them to shop with confidence.

4. Don't forget CBD lab testing

Third-party laboratory testing of CBD products reassures customers that they’re getting what they pay for and also that your CBD products don’t contain any herbicides, pesticides, or heavy metals. Having high-quality CBD products that are backed up by laboratory testing is extremely reassuring to CBD customers, particularly new customers.

5. Encourage and collect customer feedback and reviews

Genuine feedback in the form of recommendations, reviews, and testimonials from clients is a great way to build trust with new clients. In addition, encouraging existing customers to leave a review or allow you to publish testimonials is a good way to build brand or product support.

Be in the elite among CPD competitors

Now you should have some clear ideas and goals to help you get more CBD customers to not only visit your website but also hit that ‘buy it now’ button. If you have any further questions about making your CBD company stand out or have some tips to share, please don’t hesitate to comment below.