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Break into key world markets:

Europe & the Americas


Copywriting, Blogging, Proofreading 


Translation, Editing, Machine Translation Post-Editing





English (UK, US), French,  German,  


Spanish (Spain, Latin America) Italian, and Dutch


Marketing & PR, Website Localization, General Translations, and 

Corporate communications


Finance and Trade, Cryptocurrency, Consumer Electronics and Tech


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Robert Pender, Customer Service

Loie has a natural affinity with our users, allowing us to present them with the highest quality translations in a personalized tone of voice suited to their demographics.

Marcel Hollerbach,

CMO at Productsup

Loie is a very experienced blogger and very familiar with a lot of topics around marketing. She takes raw notes and turns them into beautiful articles and stories. I always enjoy working with her.

Daria Lombardi

Community Manager

at Urban Sports Club

Determined, confident and always ready to accept new challenges, is the best way to describe her.


Favre Translations works regularly with numerous small and large-scale companies from different industries. Our clients come from SaaS Tech Startups, Sales and Marketing agencies, Localization and Translation vendors and Crypto companies, who trust the hard work and elevated level of quality that we are able to offer them. Some of our larger clients include: